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“An exhaust system is only as good as its weakest link, so why settle for sub-par bending?”

Beaudesert Exhaust is Australia’s largest mandrel bends stockist and supplier. Our mandrel tube bending machines can bend from one and a quarter inch to five inch tube at a variety of degrees with ease. We manufacture customised mandrel bends, roll bars and headboards.

Conventional exhaust bending can cause a range of problems for your vehicle. Tubes can collapse or crimp during the process, but with mandrel bending the size and diameter of your pipe will be increased with ease.

"The V8 rumble from my 79 Series Double Cab after fitting the 3 1/2" exhaust is outstanding!

I fitted the Manifold Crossover pipe as well and there is no 'thong slap' at all, just a great deep note, like a V8 should be."


Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series Double Cab 2015

Robin Thompson

"I put a 3" exhaust on my Ford Ranger PX 3.2L and found that I had a big surge of power but lost my torque.

I pulled the 3" off and put the 2 3/4" exhaust on and what a difference it has made!

I have picked up more torque from standard and the same power as the 3" exhaust.

The saying is true, bigger is not always better!"


Ford Ranger PX

Tom Holding

"Always sceptical re. adverts and having read a bit, for and against, etc, I decided to dyno before and after the fit.

Took me a day messing about to fit (old bolts always the culprits), but the final dyno amazed me.

The results were: Kw up by 19.5% and torque up by 15%."


Toyota LandCruiser 80 Series

Mick Baron

"My father and I fitted the exhaust yesterday in about four hours. The instructions and parts that were supplied were absolutely great.

There were no problems with the fitment what so ever.

I am very happy with the final product as it has opened the ute up.so much more than it was before.

The boost seems to come on earlier and is not as sluggish of the line anymore."


Holden Rodeo RA

Chris Murphy

“Extremely happy – performance/response at low speeds 60% improvement 

Towing an 18ft caravan vast improvement of performances.”


Toyota Prado 95 Series 

Robert Irvine 

I have fitted the exhaust which went together really easy with no hassles, even the manifold bolts came off with ease.

The note of this systems is amazing, no drone or screaming at when the auto kicks back a gear going up hills

and the family can have a conversation without yelling.
I have noticed a slight improvement with performance but I haven't done a big trip to see if there is an improvement with economy,

in saying that the 4.8 isn't great on fuel anyway.

Once again thank you for the great service you provided to me and I believe this is money well spent.


Nissan Patrol 4.8L - Petrol Wagon

G’day Mark,

Mate, just letting you know the new exhaust system you fitted to the Navara has made a huge difference.
I did a trip out to Millmerran recently with a 2.8 ton caravan … the vehicle has never performed so well and better fuel economy.
Towing the van is usually 16.5/100km … last trip was 13.8/100km and I didn’t drive it any different to usual.


Nissan Navara 3L V6 Turbo Diesel ST-X 550