About Us

Beaudesert Exhaust, established in 1982, began its journey by providing basic exhaust and radiator repairs to the local shire. Over the years, our company has grown significantly, expanding our expertise in exhaust systems and fabrication. Our Managing Director played a pioneering role by introducing the first CNC Automatic mandrel tube bending machine to Australia, revolutionising the 4WD aftermarket exhaust industry. Today, Beaudesert Exhaust boasts eight of these cutting-edge machines operated by our highly qualified team.


From our workshop in Beaudesert, QLD, we manufacture exhaust systems for a wide range of 4WD vehicles, shipping them worldwide. Our mandrel tube bending technology enables us to create pipe bends without any restrictions, resulting in increased airflow and improved power, torque, and fuel efficiency. With over 200 D.I.Y kits available, we have an extensive selection of exhaust systems to cater to diverse customer needs.


At Beaudesert Exhaust, we also maintain a comprehensive inventory of mandrel tube bends in various sizes and materials, ensuring prompt shipping. Additionally, we offer customised bending solutions for customers seeking specific products such as headboards, handrails, snorkels, and sliders. Our dedication to delivering high-quality products extends to these custom bending services, providing tailored solutions to meet individual requirements.


Australian Made