Extractor Set to suit Toyota FJ Cruiser 2010-2016 4L V6 1GR-FE Petrol Supercharged


Beaudesert Exhaust’s Extractor Sets are meticulously designed to deliver exceptional strength, durability, and performance.

Key specifications:

  • Primary pipe size: 1 3/4in – 45mm
  • Outlet size: 2 1/8in – 54mm

Our extractors are expertly crafted in our South East Queensland workshop using top-quality materials and advanced techniques. Here are the notable features:

  • This extractor set includes an ECU harness specifically designed for secondary 02 sensors. The purpose of this harness is to ensure that the ECU maintains accurate parameters when running high flow catalytic converters, preventing the occurrence of any engine codes or malfunctions.
  • Utilises 2mm wall thickness tube for enhanced strength, reducing the likelihood of cracking.
  • Incorporates laser-cut merge collectors, offering superior durability compared to press collectors that are prone to cracking over time.
  • 200 Cell Euro IV high flow Catalytic Converters
  • Standard ceramic coating provides added protection and extends the lifespan of the extractors.
  • Features 10mm flange plates, ensuring secure and reliable connections.
  • Utilises zinc-plated locking nuts and bolts for added corrosion resistance.
  • Each set is carefully bubble wrapped for safe transportation.
  • We offer prompt and insured freight services for delivery across Australia.

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