Ford Ranger 2012-2016 PX & PXII 2.2L & 3.2L No Muffler Pipe


This will only suit a Beaudesert Exhaust System.

Our No Muffler Pipe, specially crafted to enhance the sound of your Beaudesert Exhaust system.


Are you seeking a deeper, more powerful exhaust note? Experience maximum noise with our No Muffler Pipe!


This unique addition increases the decibel level of your exhaust system by approximately 4-7DB, providing a more pronounced and aggressive sound compared to our standard muffler.

The No Muffler Pipe is designed for easy installation, seamlessly replacing either our Muffler or Resonator.

It is available in your choice of 441 grade stainless steel or 304 grade polished stainless steel, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance.

For your convenience, we supply new gaskets and nuts & bolts with the pipe, simplifying the installation process.


Please keep in mind that this pipe is specifically intended for off-road use only.