Ram DS 1500 Laramie & Express (Factory Dual Tailpipe) 2018-2021 5.7L V8 Hemi Petrol Exhaust


Please ensure all exhaust system options have been selected to your preference


Beaudesert Exhaust’s full Twin 2 3/4″ mandrel bent exhaust system to suit the Ram 1500 DS Laramie and Express Crew Cab. This is an exhaust to suit the factory twin system with cut outs in the rear bar. This system comes with polished stainless steel 5″ tips.


We have these different options available.

Full exhaust including extractors and high flow catalytic converters – Beaudesert Exhausts own 2mm wall thickness, 3″ 4 into 1 extractors and high flow cats. There is no engine lights while running these cats so no tuning is required. This exhaust has been rigorously tested in all conditions for towing and offroad and we can confidently say that this system has no drone in the vehicle. Tested on DS Model converted by ASV only.

Cat back exhaust  Please note the cat back exhaust starts after the manifold catalytic converters. You will need to cut the pipe off the back of the catalytic converters and weld a flange plate to the back of the cat, this will allow the rest of the system to bolt on.

Upgrade Beaudesert Exhaust cat back system – This system upgrades the Beaudesert Exhaust cat back system with everything required to fit our extractors. Beaudesert Exhaust extractors are 2mm wall thickness 4 into 1 extractors and high flow cats. There are no engine lights while running these cats therefore no tuning is required.



Rugged is our standard system which is made out of 441 grade stainless steel tube.

Read more about 441 grade stainless steel and its benefits on our FAQ page.



Ultimate is our premium system which is made out of 304 grade stainless steel tube that we polish in-house.


Let your Naturally Aspirated car breathe! The factory log manifold restricts the performance of your car. Once you change to extractors off the side of the head, you will gain up to 10% improved performance just by letting the gasses flow out of the motor *. This allows the motor to work easier and you will see an improvement in performance and fuel economy.


We make our own extractors. We mandrel bend and manufacture our extractors using 2mm wall thickness tube. This reduces the likelihood of cracking and any other weaknesses in the pipe work. This design of 4 into 1 extractors are best suited to gain maximum power.


We have found through research and development that a full twin 2 3/4” exhaust system performs better than any other size for this vehicle. Not only have we completed real world testing, we also receive significant amounts of customer feedback regarding overall performance and fuel economy gains a Beaudesert Exhaust system can give your vehicle. Improvements are not only seen by those towing, but by everyday drivers who want more from their vehicle.

Mandrel bent, welded and manufactured in our workshop in South East Queensland, this high quality exhaust system includes:


Full System or Upgrade System includes –

  • Beaudesert Exhaust’s own Extractors – 2mm wall thickness, 4 into 1 merge collectors
  • Ceramic coating of extractors is standard
  • V Band connection from extractors to engine pipes to eliminate leaks and ease of fitment
  • Hi-flow Catalytic Converters – meets all emissions standards without restricting gas flow and no engine lights on the dash – No tuning required
  • Oxygen sensor harness’ included for rear O2 sensors
  • Double braided stainless steel flex joints standard on all systems – inner and outer braid makes the flex joint stronger

Cat Back system starts from the back of the factory catalytic converters – this requires cutting and welding

  • Perforated straight through twin mufflers as standard
  • Tailpipes with 5″ polished stainless steel tips (standard)
  • 2 bolt 10mm 304 grade stainless steel flange plates
  • Reinforced brackets with supports – 12mm 304 grade stainless steel rod with knobs ensures the hangers don’t fall out of rubbers
  • Systems are available in 441 stainless steel or 304 grade polished stainless steel
  • Zinc plated locking nuts and bolts
  • Fitting Kit and easy to follow instructions
  • Boxed and bubble wrapped for freight
  • Freighted Australia wide with insurance in a prompt time frame


Would you like your system fitted?

Our experts over at Innovative Motorworks are the best to assist with all fitting needs. They are located at 6/14 Hopper Avenue, Ormeau, QLD, 4208.

Full System –

Fitment for this system requires all day.

Cat Back System –

Fitment for this system requires 5 hours.

Upgrade System –

Fitment for this system requires all day.


Select fitting option at checkout and one of our staff members will be in contact with you to confirm availability.

*Please be aware additional charges may apply on the day of fitment if standard system needs modifications. Ensure all your aftermarket modifications (located on the checkout page) are listed correctly to try and avoid unexpected charges.

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