Ford Ranger 2007-2011 3L Turbo Diesel STEINBAUER Performance Module


Original              115kW (154HP)  380Nm

STEINBAUER     138kW (185HP)  456Nm



The module will give you greater towing power, making overtaking effortless and much safer. The STEINBAUER module gives an additional 20% increase in power and torque as well as a 10% improvement in fuel economy.


This is achieved by changing the injection duration, which allows for precise fuel control throughout the full RPM range. Injection duration is achieved by adding pulse width to a signal (i.e. at the end of injection) not by changing timing – that is best left to the factory ECU.


Many products on the market claim to increase power and torque, these products use simplistic technology that increase rail pressure, which can cause major engine failure. The STEINBAUER module does not interfere with common rail pressure making it the best and safest choice for your engine.


The STEINBAUER module is a quality product that has been tried, tested and sold worldwide.

  • Tested and sold worldwide, operating in all climates and conditions
  • Robust constriction, dust, moisture and vibration resistant
  • No interference to existing vehicle parts. Service intervals remain unchanged
  • Quality European engineering and components
  • Easy installation
  • No boost or increase in rail pressure
  • Backed by a worldwide support network
  • Three year guarantee*

You can install a switch on your dash that enables you to turn your STEINBAUER module on or off if needed.


STEINBAUER are so confident in their product they offer a full one year replacement warranty*. Additionally, you can receive a free three year warranty upgrade by registering your product with them*.

Register your STEINBAUER product.

Use the link above to fill in the STEINBAUER online registration and follow the prompts.


*Proof of purchase will be required for all warranty claims.


Would you like your STEINBAUER Performance Module fitted by one of our experts?

Approximate fitting time is 1 -2 Hrs

Select fitting option at checkout and one of our staff members will be in contact with you to confirm availability.

*Please be aware additional charges may apply on the day of fitment if the vehicle needs modifications. Ensure all your aftermarket modifications (located on the checkout page) are listed correctly to try and avoid unexpected charges.