Suitable for TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 2012-2016 70 Series Double Cab 4.5L V8 3 1/2″ Into Twin 3″ Turbo Diesel Exhaust – STANDARD CAR ONLY – ALUMINISED RUN OUT SALE!


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This system will only fit a stock car. Please read.


Beaudesert Exhaust’s 3 1/2″ into Twin 3″ mandrel bent exhaust system to suit the Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series Double Cab.


The following aftermarket modifications will effect the fitment of this exhaust.
  • Toolboxes behind the rear wheels – must have more than 170mm between toolbox and chassis rail
  • Larger tires – standard tire profile only
  • Large barrel shock absorbers – standard 50mm barrel shocks will work, remote reservoir shocks will not fit
  • Airbag suspension.


If you have one or more of the above, this exhaust will not fit. Please click here to go to our current version which will fit with all modifications.


Does your car have turbo lag or lack that pulling power? The factory exhaust restricts the airflow that is coming from the turbo. The pipes are too small and the components are not letting the engine breathe to the best of its ability. Majority of this can be solved with a new exhaust from the back of the turbo.
You will gain anywhere up to 8-12% improved performance just by letting the airflow out of the motor. Turbo lag will reduce resulting in better low down torque and giving you more pulling power out of the top of the rev range.


Be careful! Having an exhaust system too large for the motor can have the opposite effect! We have had some customers come back to us with aftermarket exhausts that are too big for the motor and in turn it has given them more turbo lag and less overall power gains. On some motors if the exhaust is too big you can run into some problems including over boosting or even boost spike of the turbo which will throw you into limp mode. This can be extremely dangerous if you are towing a caravan or trailer. This can happen from the turbo trying to spin too hard and fast, the ECU recognises this and can throw the car into limp mode.


Not only have we completed real world testing, we also receive significant amounts of customer feedback regarding overall performance and fuel economy gains a Beaudesert Exhaust system can give your vehicle. Improvements are not only seen by those towing, but by everyday drivers who want more from their vehicle.

Mandrel bent, welded and manufactured in our workshop in South East Queensland, this high quality exhaust system includes:

  • Replacement Dump Pipe off turbo in 3 1/2”
  • 1/4in BSP Pyrometer fitting welded onto dump pipe – Standard in all systems
  • 200 cell hi-flow Catalytic Converter – meets all emissions standards without restricting gas flow
  • Double braided stainless steel flex joint standard on all systems – inner and outer braid makes the flex joint stronger
  • Perforated straight through twin resonators as standard
  • No muffler pipe is available for a louder note
  • 2 bolt 8mm flange plates for aluminised systems
  • Drivers side bracket supplied to be welded onto chassis rail to mount drivers side tailpipe
  • Reinforced brackets with supports – 5mm flat bar for quality and strength
  • Relocation kit for the brake/fuel lines on drivers side
  • Systems are available in aluminised steel only
  • Zinc plated locking nuts and bolts
  • Fitting Kit and easy to follow instructions
  • Boxed and bubble wrapped for freight
  • Freighted Australia wide with insurance in a prompt time frame

Listen to the 70 Series V8 Ute Twin 3” exhaust system here!


Please note: Our team will endeavour to dispatch your order as quickly as possible, however, some options when selected may require a longer fabrication time.


Would you like your system fitted by one of our experts?
Our workshop is located at 158 Enterprise Dr, Beaudesert QLD 4285.


Approximate fitting time is 4 Hrs

Fitting cost for this system is $350*
Fitting will be charged on the day of your appointment.


Select fitting option at checkout and one of our staff members will be in contact with you to confirm availability.

*Please be aware additional charges may apply on the day of fitment if standard system needs modifications. Ensure all your aftermarket modifications (located on the checkout page) are listed correctly to try and avoid unexpected charges.

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