The right exhaust will keep you powering through any terrain

Exhausts are one of the easiest ways to gain extra power while also improving your fuel economy. Factory exhausts can be restrictive and limit the amount of exhaust gases that flow from engine to tailpipe, so a larger aftermarket exhaust is a sure-fire way to liven things up.

Beaudesert Exhaust has been producing aftermarket systems out of its headquarters for almost 30 years. The team utilise a range of CNC mandrel- bending machines to ensure each exhaust is manufactured to the highest standard.

By increasing the flow of gases that exit the combustion chamber and make their way down the exhaust, the Beaudesert systems have been able to produce (on average) an increase of around 12% and an increase in fuel economy of over 10%. Savings are savings, and the more you can save, the longer you can stay out on the tracks!