“G’day Beaudesert Exhaust
I have recently installed 1 of your exhaust systems on my 3lt patrol, I am extremely happy with the overall workmanship and quality build of my system and was a breeze to install, everything was supplied and fitted well.
I tow a 17 ft caravan and used to struggle when climbing hills sometimes even selecting 3rd gear, now with the new system I can drop it back to 4th and actually increase my speed when climbing.
I researched exhaust systems before I spent my hard earned and decided that Beaudesert was my choice with no regrets so thankyou very much for the excellent service and a great exhaust system.”
Wayne T


“I am glad to say I am extremely happy with both the product and ease of purchase and service. I ordered lunchtime on Tuesday and received Friday morning. I installed exhaust this morning and was very happy with the fit up of the system – It’s nice to have something fit and do what it is supposed to do the first time for a change – Had no problems whatsoever and have noticed a significant increase in drivability. I will Happily voice my above opinion on the patrol forum I frequent and recommend your product to anyone interested in a new exhaust.”
Andrew, Adelaide S.A.


“Very happy with the change in the vehicles performance after having the new exhaust fitted. The vehicle is noticeably smoother when accelerating, turbo spools earlier & faster & there is a substantial reduction in turbo lag when moving from a stationary position. Overall I am extremely happy with the exhaust system & it has met all expectations. Customer service was very good.”
David, Bathurst NSW


“I have just fitted one of Beaudesert’s 2 3/4″ systems to my patrol GU ute. All bits and pieces were in the kit and it was so easy to fit. This is a work ute so it does a lot of K’s towing a large trailer. I have just done a 1200k trip that we do on a regular basis and the difference in performance was quite noticeable.
The turbo spools up a lot faster and lower in the rev’s. It has way more torque therefor a lot less gear changes. There is no exhaust noise like you normally get from other sports type systems. There also seems to be more power right across the rev range. No change in fuel economy, but a bit hard to tell after only one trip! This is a great product & I will most certainly recommend Beaudesert Exhausts to anyone looking for a new exhaust system.”
Grant, Geraldton


“Straight forward fitment. No mods required. All mounting hardware & gaskets were there. Awesome workmanship! Goes very well – both systems do!”
Alan, Beerwah


“Just wanted to drop you a note to let you guys know how happy we are with the new exhaust system on our truck. We had it installed last week, and all we can say is ‘Bloody Awesome.’ We do ALOT of 4wding. We actually own two nissan patrols (his and hers). The difference we’ve noticed with the truck since we fitted the exhaust is remarkable. We’ve done the usual commute to work, plus some freeway driving, and it’s been amazing. So much more power. Cant wait to drop it into low range and give it a go off-road. Thanks for all your help, best thing we ever did to the patrol” Glenn and Clarissa, Charmhaven NSW


“Informative website and display at Redcliffe caravan, camping, 4WD Show. Happy to pay for quality, sales staff were very helpful. Fuel consumption less, and caravan tows noticeably better with O/Drive staying in a lot more.”
Garry Day, Capalaba


“Love it!! Big difference in fuel economy & performance. Have already recommended someone to you guys. Thanks heaps”
J & D Lonergan, Tamborine QLD

D40 2.5L

“After speaking to various people and reading online forums, it was a ‘no brainer’ to purchase a Beaudesert Exhaust system. I was after good quality and i got it. As they say, you get what you pay for! That said, i though supply and fit cost was very reasonable. Sales staff were helpful and easy to talk to. I drove nearly two hours, being closer would have been nice but the upside was I had a two hour drive home to play with the extra power I now have! I am absolutely happy about the improvements made by the exhaust system!”
Tony Pfeiffer – Mount Beppo