1998 2.8L Pajero

“After extensive search in Melbourne I decided that the exhaust manufacturers I had contacted were not going to give me full Mandrel bend system, rather bits an pieces of welded bends and the section thickness wasn’t guaranteed. My folks live in Brisbane so it was worth the drive and I could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Cost is relative to a number of things, I believe we get what we pay for and quality is number one for me. It was going to cost me the same in Melbourne for a bitser system. Excellent customer service, there was no way it could have been improved. Very pleased, the exhaust is a work of art, very well made quality workmanship and materials and the performance of my Pajero 98 2.8lt turbo diesel has so much more torque I can accelerate in top hear over most highway roads in fact it is the climbing EGT’s that really require me to go a gear down. Overtaking in a 4M40T that is amazing. The system is quiet as I requested but has a real solid tone of good diesel exhaust. The work on the exhaust mounts as this seals the deal A grade strength and detail to maximise to OEM mount points and the mount at the flex joint for the engine pipe is a solid work of art again. The use of simplicity and experience has shone through here and i must say, I haven’t seen this kind of workmanship for so long, I feel really excited that the old trade quality is still around as it was when I was working as a tradesman. Well done to Beaudesert Exhaust Team”
Tim Burton, Victoria. 2016