Do Beaudesert Exhaust systems include the dump pipe?

Yes, any of the systems for turbo diesel vehicles will come straight off the back of the turbo and therefore include the dump pipe as this is probably the most restrictive part on the original system. We also include a provision (1/4″ gas BSP) to fit an EGT gauge on all of our dump pipes.

Do Beaudesert Exhaust systems include a muffler?

Yes, you will receive a perforated straight-through muffler that keeps noise levels to a minimum, and allows maximum flow through the system. Depending on the vehicle, your system may also include a resonator to further reduce noise levels.

Can I order A Beaudesert Exhaust system from anywhere in Australia?

Yes! We sell our exhaust systems to customers all around Australia and Internationally. Many transport companies and couriers pick up directly from our workshop and deliver Australia wide. Call/email us today for a quote on a system and freight to your location.

What methods of payment do Beaudesert Exhaust accept?

You can pay by cash, credit card, direct deposit and cheque (by prior arrangement only).

What are the business hours?

Our hours are 7:30am – 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Please contact us on (07) 55412767 to confirm times and  availability.

Where is Beaudesert Exhaust located?

158 Enterprise Drive, Beaudesert, Queensland 4285, Australia.

Our office and workshop are actually on Service Rd, which runs parallel to Mt Lindsay Hwy.

Please ignore your GPS instructions as they will take you to the rear of our business where no-one will attend to you.

UBD Ref: Map 332, A6

Can Beaudesert Exhaust make a system for any type of vehicle?

We manufacture systems for most types of 4WDs. Please contact our office or send us an email to find out if we can do yours!

What kinds of increases can I expect by fitting
a Beaudesert Exhaust system?

Average customer feedback indicates you can experience a power increase of approximately 10-12% and an increase in fuel economy by up to 12% (depending on how the vehicle is driven and what it is being used for).

How much will an after-market exhaust system cost me?

While our products are priced competitively we include the added value of service and, more importantly, quality. Please call or email us today for a quote for your vehicle.

What is the difference between Mild Steel, Aluminised Mild Steel and Stainless Steel?

Mild Steel is used on the original systems and is likely to rust and corrode quickly. Our systems are manufactured from the best quality Aluminised Mild Steel and Stainless Steel tube. Aluminised Mild Steel is a superior grade of Mild Steel. To be classified as Aluminised Mild Steel, cold rolled metal sheeting is hot-dip coated with an aluminium-silicon alloy. This process allows the steel to be far more resistant to corrosion and heat than normal mild steel. Stainless Steel is stronger and more corrosion-resistant again, and is recommended to customers who are doing a lot of beach work or water crossings.

Will a custom or after-market system be any louder then the standard?

In short – No.
We use one or two mufflers on turbo diesels (depending on the vehicle) to ensure quietness. And we mostly use a perforated straight-through muffler, which absorbs noise levels and cuts out any droning inside the cabin. On the petrol & non-turbo diesel vehicles we use two mufflers (again perforated and straight-through) and also a rear resonator just to cut out any excess noise and drone that these types of vehicles tend to emit.

Am I able to order my system without a muffler?

Yes and No. We are able to replace the muffler section with a resonator if you wish for the system to have a deeper note. We can also supply a no muffler pipe for an additional cost, however this is an extra and is supplied with a full system including a muffler. This then gives you the option to swap between the two at your own discretion.

Do you fit Performance modules?

Yes! We supply and fit Steinbauer modules! These modules work hand in hand with our exhaust systems to provide ultimate power and fuel economy! Click Here for more information on the services we offer!

How long will it take to fit the system?

The time it takes to fit the system will depend on the vehicle and how old it is. The hardest part is getting the old system off which can be fairly time consuming if nuts and bolts haven’t been undone in more than a decade! Generally these systems take approximately 4-5 hours to fit if there are no complications.

How long until I receive my system from time of ordering?

If your system is in stock, we can generally despatch it the same day. If not, lead-time is approximately 3-5 working days for Aluminised Mild Steel and 10-14 working days for Stainless Steel. After your system has left our despatch, delivery time will depend on your location.

Will fitted accessories such as long-range fuel tanks, side steps or gas tanks etc. affect installing a system?

Our exhaust systems follow the same route as the original system and are made to suit standard, unmodified vehicles. Generally if your accessories (long range fuel tanks, extra water tanks, toolboxes, spare tyres, side steps, rear bars etc. interfere with the original system then they will interfere with one of our systems. To overcome this problem the system may have to be fitted in our workshop so we can customise the route of the new system. Additional labour & materials may apply.

How do I place an order via your website?

To ensure customer satisfaction we do not offer online ordering. However, To order / or request a Salesperson to contact you please note this in the “How can we help you” section of the online quote form.

How much notice should I give to make an in-house booking?

We prefer 5-10 days notice to make sure all parts for the system are manufactured before your arrival. If the system is in stock, and depending on how many other vehicles are booked for fitting that day, we may be able to fit you in straight away. Please contact our office to make a booking or send us an email to see which days we have available.

Will there be any fitting instructions if I want to fit the system myself?

We supply you with basic fitting instructions for the turbo diesel and petrol/diesel vehicles with extractors. At the moment we are still working on more in depth fitting instruction. When you order the system your sales consultant will advise you of the difficulty rating on fitting your chosen system. If you have any trouble with fitting the system please don’t hesitate to contact our office & speak to one of our experienced exhaust fitters.

What is the warranty on a Beaudesert Exhaust system?

We offer a two year manufacturing warranty on our aluminised steel exhaust systems and a five year manufacturing warranty on our stainless steel exhaust systems. This means that if anything goes wrong with the system due to a manufacturing fault, we will fix it for you free of charge. Pacemaker extractors offer their own warranty. Steinbauer modules offer a three year extended warranty, and a 14 day no questions asked returns policy. Here at Beaudesert Exhaust we pride ourselves on our after sales service, generally if you have ANY issues with your system at all we will endeavour to solve the problem for you as quick as possible no matter the age of the system. Ask your sales consultant if you have any queries.

Will my warranty be void for any reason?

Yes. Warranty claims will NOT be allowed if the system is incorrectly fitted, abused, modified or damaged in any way. The fitment of heat wrap products to extractors will also void your warranty.