Trailboss Towbars

Are you planning that big caravan trip and wondering how you’re going to get the absolute best out of your4wD? Beaudesert Exhaust can help.

We will only ever recommend the best quality and the most reliable and trustworthy products. The products we sell and recommend work hand in hand with our exhaust systems to ensure our customers ultimate power and performance out of their vehicles.

Trailboss Towbars have been running for over 30 years, and when it comes to your towing needs they have you covered. Weight distributors, brake controllers and hitch receivers are just some of the wide range and we can fit them all for you in our workshop! To compliment its extensive range, Trailboss include wiring solutions for popular fitments. Vehicle specific wiring looms are included with your towbar which dramatically reduce the risk of damaging a vehicle’s on-board computer. Please let our sales team know at the time of booking if you’re interested in fitting one to your vehicle.



Performance Modules

Steinbauer Modules are the best performance chips on the market. This product oozes quality and works phenomenally with a Beaudesert Exhaust system.

Is it worth it?
Boasting up to 20% increase in power and torque* and up to 10% reduction in diesel consumption* this product is designed with towers in mind. Unlike some of its competitors Steinbauer performance modules do not increase fuel rail pressure, meaning, less wear and tear on the engine! More power, better fuel consumption (depending on how your drive the vehicle of course) and saving you even more money in servicing fee’s in the long run! A towers Dream!

So, How does it work?
Steinbauer accommodates for a wide range of vehicles and each module is specifically programmed and mapped to suit the specific vehicle. The module intercepts electronic signals from the stock ECU and programs it to extend its fuel injection cycle. For example, for one model it may boost the cycle from 200ms to 220ms at max throttle. This varies for each make and model. Speak to our sales team today about installing one in your vehicle today!